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“KIRAT COMMUNITY ORGANIZATION OF AMERICA, INC.” is nonprofit National Organization of Kirat religious families residing in America. It’s also referred as “KCOA” or “Corporation”. The principal office of the corporation is registered in the state of Ohio and the coverage scope is all the states and cities of America where kirat community members are residing. The Corporation have its seal with the Executive Officers at the national level and the Chairman of the State Kirat Corporation (hereinafter also referred to as “State Coordinator”). The Flag of the corporation consist of a square white cloth with a yellow border. Mundhum mantra “oath” is inscribed at the center of the Flag with golden rays radiating from the edges of the mantra “Oath”.


The Corporation will be governed by its Articles of Incorporation and its By-Laws, subject to the Nonprofit Corporation Code of OHIO State and the limitations of Section 501©3 of the Internal Revenue Code. The Corporation will be organized and operated as a nonprofit corporation under the provisions of the Ohio State Nonprofit Corporation Code.


The mission of corporation shell be to build a peaceful, vibrant, and prosperous Kirat community in the United States of America living in harmony and smoothly integrated into the American mainstream society with a vision to ultimately achieve human unity and universal peace, as well as wellbeing of all living things.


The purposes of the corporation shall include but shall not be limited to the following:

  • To preserve and promote Kirat religion, scripts, language, arts and culture, kirat philosophical teachings of His Holiness Muhingum Angshi Mang Falgunanda Lingden and His Holiness Angshi Mang Atmananda Lingden ‘Seing’ and traditional social norms and values.
  • To communicate and advocate for necessary support and assistance to the Kirat community members in America.
  • To run Kirat language and literary classes and organize other programs such as education, health, games and sports, charitable and noteworthy humanitarian events in the community.
  • To establish and maintain Kirat Manghim and Community centers in the states where larger Kirat population reside.
  • To promote and extend mutual help and cooperation among the Kirat community members.
  • To facilitate and enable Kirat community members integrate themselves into the American mainstream society.
  • To solicit, receive and manage funds, gifts, charities, and donations in support of KCOA’s purpose.
  • To encourage the acknowledge civic engagement among the Kirat community members.
  • To establish community media and develop strong social networking tools for the Kirat Community members.
  • To cooperate and collaborate with other organizations in the American mainstream.